DELTA  SHIPPING  AGENCY SRL CONSTANTA  acting as Port  Agent since 1994 and would like to offer you the following services in the main Romanian Black Sea ports (Constanta-larges port in Black Sea; Agigea (South Constanta-free zone); Midia (including Shipyard);Mangalia(including Shipyard) )-

- Ship agent  
- Protective agent
Crew services (embarking / disembarking, medical, etc)
- Full services for containers (inland forward)
- Brokerage and chartering
- Shipyard connection for all type of repairs
(including dry  dock for vessel up to 150,000.00 dwt)
- Ship supply
    Our company has all facilities to do in excellent condition all services a/m and also extension flexibility of them in case you require more.
   Our staff has extensive experience in this activity (over 30 years as port ship’s agent) and we have young and motivated employee to make this business as well can be.

I. Port Agent
We pride ourselves on the Ships Agency operations, 24/7, all year around, by combining our highest professional standards and personal attention, with the highest services at the lowest possible rates.
We provide the following services:
- Arranging berth, tugs and pilotage;
- Vessel Free Practice and Health Certification
- Obtaining vessel inward and outward port clearance
- Regularly visiting the vessel, monitoring cargo operations for loading, discharging or transshipment
- Customs and port authority documentation
- Medical attendance on crew members
- Keeping customers continually informed on the facts progress

II. Ship Husbandry
We provide comprehensive services to ship owners, 7 days a week, day and night, as required:
- Crew changes, including transport, hotels and repatriation arrangements
- Arranging and coordinating crew changes by launch and helicopter
- Supply of fresh water, provisions and bunkers
- Telephone services, including supply of mobile phones to the vessel
- Mail and courier services
- Coordination of all kinds of repair when required

III. Customs brokers
We prepare and process import/export documents and other forms on behalf of our clients according to customs regulations, laws and procedures
We sign import/export documents on behalf of our clients, using power of attorney
We arrange for payment of duties, taxes, storage and transportation of imported goods and bonds to cover duty goods

IV. Ship brokers:
We buy and sell cargo space on ships on behalf of our clients
We consult trade publications and other sources to provide information to clients on available cargo space, destinations, rates and departure locations and times, and arrange ship charters
We negotiate rates and terms and prepare contracts and other paper

V. Ship chandler
We provide the entire range of maintenance, repairs and operations, chandlery and provision supplies, including categories such as deck, engine, electric, electronics, provisions, cabin, medical, stationery, fire fighting apparatus, life saving apparatus, pyrotechnics, etc.

VI. Ship supply
Our Company is committed to providing the highest quality products at the best available prices. Meats are always the best choice available, fruits and veggies are always freshness, deck and engine supplies are the utmost quality and we can  deliver in the shortest time

Our goal is to provide your company with quality services.
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Persons in charge:

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Mr.Alex       Tel: 0040744216845
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FAX : 0040341461704